I'm a professional drummer who has done world tours, records, DVDs and plenty of gigs with many artists. Some of them more well known than others but all equally great. I am very proud to be associated with all of them.

You will find more info here… so check my videos, discography, youTube Channel etc, and please get in touch! I would love to hear from you.


“Kari is a drummer from the original school of sound. We heard him playing in a club one night, and knew we had to incorporate him in our group, Womack & Womack. His style lends between jazz & funk, and he can also rock. His versatility also stems from finesse and being artistically in touch with the artiste. Kari is able to vary his style to fit the mood & the groove. It's good to say that good drummers like Kari can't be replaced by electronic drum machines.”

Womack and Womack, January 2011